Now, I’d say we stop off at
Juan Patrn’s for one jolly big dram
..and one ginger beer
with a dollar of whipped cream.
Who gets the whisky?
Seniority, Doc, the one
closest to coffin. Anyway…
If I buy you a dram, you must
promise not to tell the other boys.
It’s promised.
Oh, no!
Not another hanging.
Come on lad.
Hurry up, don’t be afraid.
You want to play games, pendejo?
You red-assed Mexican greaser.
You do it with your horse!
– Mexican greaser!
– Come here you little white chicken shit!
Greaser! Greaser…
Come on greaser, cut me there!
Hey, hey! Knock it off,
knock it off, hey!
– Cut me there, Mexican!
– Hey! Knock it off! You know better, Chavez!
– Navajo! Navajo!
– Enough!
John’s back. Now wash it up
and in your supper clothes! Now!
Both of you!
Who are them?
“They”, William. “Who are they?”
They are the boys of the dregs…
the flotsam and jetsam
of frontier society, if you will.
We got room in the
bunkhouse, my young man.
If you don’t want to stay, the Santa Fe
runs out of Albuquerque in the morning.
Glad you’re back, Doc.
Stile hold the rope, inside.
– John bring another hard case in?
– Hope it ain’t another Mexican.
you son-of-a-bitch!
If you do wish to stay, well,
we have just the job for you.
He ain’t all there is he?
Hey, did you know pigs
are as smart as dogs?
It’s true.
I knew a fella in El Capitan…
taught his pig to bark at strangers.
What you doing here, boy?
We work for Mr. Tunstall as regulators.
We regulate any stealing
of his property. We’re damn good too.
Mr. Tunstall’s got a soft spot
for runaways, derelicts,
vagrant types. But you
can’t be any geek off the street,
you gotta be handy with the steel,
if you know what I mean, earn your keep.
Go on, go on, get!
Not that I’m a pistoleer or
a knife smith like that greaser
Chavez-Chavez, over there.
I’m pugilist.
But then I ain’t expecting you
to know the explanation of that word,
hog boy!
Shit, you don’t even know why I’m here.
Sure I do. You’re a runaway
derelict, scud bottom vagrant,
ain’t you, like the rest
of us. Footpad, maybe?
Petty thief?
Rob a bank? Kill somebody?
Kill somebody, huh?
– Regulators!
– Hey, you ain’t no regulator boy,
you gotta stay here with the pork.
They’re smarter than you anyway.
You might learn something!
Cattle looks spooked in the
lower forty, let’s take a look.
Smart ass!
Well now, look at those appetites.
William? Have some more.
Have you ever
worked beef before, Billy?
Yeah… I worked a little
out Fort Sumner way.
Pete Maxwell’s place.
Did the chow line.
But, I got a way with cattle.
What’s so jolly funny,
Master Steven?
That’s no proper table manners.
Got a way with hogs.
Congratulations, Charles.
You and Steven will be doing
the dirty crockery alone this evening.
Sorry, John, it struck me funny.
And to William. Both of you.
Apologies William.
Just hacking on you, that’s all.
Yeah, we’re just hacking on you.
Rumor has it, you killed a man, Billy?
You dont seem like the killing sort.
Yeah Billy,
what’d you kill him for?
He was hacking on me.
“There are plenty of men…
who will never secede…
“…Who will never
succeed anywhere.”
We got a whole roomful
of them right here.
Well done.
Yeah, sure.
Well, excuse me, Billy…
Very sorry to offend you.
But we’re congregated here
to learn to read and write.
You need more than
the skill with the firearm
to succeed in the new world, Billy.
So take up the journal
and start where
the other boy left off.
Or you can go straight back
to your home on the streets.
“Young men who don’t know
how to do any kind of business
“and have no energy or application,
“had better stay at a home
near their relatives
“so they can be taken care of.
“They are not wanted here
and will only come to grief
“but men of enterprise
are practically sure of success.”
A splendid reading, William!
Thank you.
– Good-night gentlemen.
– Good-night Mr. Tunstall.
– Good afternoon, gentlemen.
– Good afternoon, John.
John, Mr. Dolan and Mr. Murphy here
are complaining about their
merchandise wagon being plundered
on several occasions
on their way into town.
Quite frankly, John,
they think you’re behind it.
– That’s a fargin’ lie and you know it!
– Richard!
Sheriff Brady, Mister Murphy
is going to continue coming to you
claiming I’ve taken his property
until I’m pronounced a thief
and shaken out of Lincoln.
I’ve never touched his property.
I have no cause.
the Belted Earl has spoken.
Look behind you, Earl…
all I see are hired thieves.
These boys are promising young
men acquiring an education.
Well, I had you pegged
as the type that uh…
that likes…
educating young boys, Englishman.
Rumor has it that you want
to be bidding against me
for the government beef contracts.
– It is just a rumor, isn’t it?
– Lawrence,
You have a beef outfit and a store.
I have a beef outfit and a store.
You’re going to try to make money,
I’m going to try to make money.
It’s simple and it’s fair.
You see our good Sheriff
sitting up there on that horse?
Do you know how much money
he’s got invested in my store?
His life savings, John.
And it’s not just Brady who
wants me to be getting those contracts.
It’s the Territorial District Attorney,
the Chief Justice.
The U.S. District Attorney.
The Santa Fe Ring.
It’s a family ring, John.
And you don’t come prancing in here
with your fat foreign capital
and trying to change things.
I made a very long steamship
journey from London, Mister Murphy
So, I should be damned if I’m going
to be dissuaded… by something as ugly
as political corruption.
So, I’d like you to take your threats
and your sheriff
and get off my property!
You are ambitious, Earl.
But you’d be better off selling
ladies’ undergarments in Hempstead.
Alright men, that’s enough.
Clear the way!
This is a new country.
We won’t be bowing down
to you no more, Englishman.
Get ready for hell!
Back to work, chaps.
Mr. Tunstall, my name’s J. McCloskey.
I heard you’re having
some trouble finding help.
You’re one
of the Murphy’s boys, aren’t you?
I used to be.
He fired me.
I called him a fat sow.
Did you?
The bunkhouse is over there.
Let’s dance!
– Look at that buddy go…
– He ain’t all there, is he?
Well, he’s there enough
to be dancing with a pretty gal
while we sit around here
pulling our tally whackers.
Damn straight.
We have to expose this Ring, Alex.
Can you get me in
to see the Governor?
Murphy’s beat us to it.
And he brought the Governor
a nice fat campaign contribution.
They’re tightening the yoke
on you, John. Of course,
they want me out, too.
They figure with me gone, no lawyer
would be crazy enough to represent you.
You’ve heard of English
tenacity, haven’t you?
A toast to uh…
enough grit to finish the last realm!
Besides… if we gave in and left
who’d look after my boys?
Uh, medicine. Yes.
I should receive my degree
from St. Michael’s in July
and then I should be
practicing here in Lincoln
until my missionary to in the islands.
How nice.
Howdy. My name’s Doc.
What… what can I do
for you young man?
Well sir, if you’re an acquaintance
of the young miss
I was wondering if I could entreat
the young lady to a dance?
– Why, certainly.
– Thank you.
– What’s your name?
– Yen Sun.
That’s beautiful.
– You’re a friend of Mr. Murphy’s?
– He is my guardian.
– Hello there.
– Hello back… William Bonney, sir.
Pat Garret. Pleasure.
Excuse us, friend. We have
a request for the band.
Pat Garrett!
She’ll love that I get
to be as big as him.
No… bigger!
So shows the snowy dove
trooping with crows
As yonder lady
order her fellow’s chose.
– Pardon me?
– Uh… That’s poem.
I’m a poet. I wrote it.
I’m sorry young man
– but we must be getting along.
– We’re getting along famously.
– Thank you very much.
– I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you,
I was just informed that you’re
part of the Tunstall company.
Yes, I am.
Then I’ll be expecting
to see you follow
your Englishman
out of Lincoln when he goes.
You tell him…
tell that slug to leave
no slime in the road behind him
when he crawls back
to Wharf Street.
– Hey, Alex! How you doing?
– Someone break up your dance, Doc?
– Yeah… yeah, he’s the girl’s guardian.
– Guardian?
– That’s a gentle euphemism.
– Why?
He had a shirt ruined
in the Silver City laundry.
He took the celestial
woman’s daughter as payment.
– What?
– She’s house entertainment,
as I understand it.
Come on, you can dance
with Susan. it’s safer.
– Out of the way, mister.
– Ah, I do beg your pardon.
– Alright, you and me.
– No, no, no. No it’s “you and I”.
– Isn’t that right John? “You and I”?
– Yes, yes, it is, it is.
You and I.
– Pugilist.
– He’s something, ain’t he?
Happy New Year!
– Happy New Year!
– Happy New Year!
Go on Billy. Boys will be boys.
No! No! It’s too many!
Get out of here!
For as much as it hath pleased
Almighty God, in his wise providence,
to take out of this world
the soul of our deceased brother,
we therefore commit
his body to the ground.
Ashes to ashes
and dust to dust.
Murphy’s henchmen
have to be brought in, J.P.
I’m gonna take it to court
and bring Murphy down.
– Have you talked to Sheriff Brady?
– Brady?
Half of the murderers are members
of his posse. He won’t touch him!
You’re the Justice
of the Peace, Wilson.
You have the power to serve
warrants through special constables.
What special constables? No one’s fool
enough to going after Murphy’s people.
Deputize them.
McSween, those are just boys.
Ain’t one of them over twenty-one.
Murphy’s men will shred
them in half within a day.
– Are you gonna deputize them?
– Hell no.
No, I’m not, Alex.
Not me.
Alright, then you go tell them.
Lugar peligroso.
– Bad medicine, my friends.
– You got that right.
What the hell, Doc, you grew up
in a hole worse than that, didn’t you?
Yeah, but I’m encultured since.
Okay. Henry Hill’s supposed to be
buried in there with a lady since noon.
I’m gonna show him the warrant
and take him home.
– Yeah.
– Yeah, we gotta take him in.
Yeah, I’d say we do.
Hey, Billy,
why don’t you go inside
and have a looksy?
Go on Billy. See if Hill’s in there,
and if he is you’ll bring him to us.
Hey, gimme two cards.
– I’ll take two.
– Hey Hill, you want another drink?
Gonna drain it first, maybe
I’ll have Janie here gimme a hand.
Doc says not to lift up
what’s too heavy.
Oh yeah? Doctor’s gonna tell
you ain’t ever gonna use it again
if you talk to me like that, Henry Hill!
What the hell is he doing?
Get up.
– Henry Hill?
– Yeah?
By the way, you’re under arrest.
Bonney! Bonney! You weren’t
supposed to smoke anybody.
We got warrants! We’re the law!
“Nine men lay dead or
at death’s door yesterday noon
“following a gunfight between Lincoln
resident Henry Hill, forty-five,
“and what patrons
have called “the Kid’.
“A local miner has identified ‘the Kid’
“as one Henry McCarthy
also known as William H. Bonney,
“nineteen or twenty.
“In a flaming shootout
‘the Kid’, Billy, killed Mr. Hill
“then took on an onslaught
of Hill’s partisans
“bringing the damage
to six verified slayings.
“Bonney is believed to be
the captain of a deputized gang.”
How come it doesn’t say nothing
about… about two I closed out?
Shit, Dick, you sent a lamb into slaughter
and he walked out a king sheep.
El Chivato. Billy The Kid.
Damn. Murphy’s gonna want
blood, brains and balls for this.
– I gotta get out of here.
– Hey Doc, don’t be stupid!
You know they’re
gonna be looking for us.
Yeah, I know.
I’ll be back in a minute.
– Howdy.
– I cannot accept those, thank you.
You walk awful fast
for a little thing don’t you?
Come on, Yen, I just wanna talk.
– You must like trouble.
– Trouble? You think I look like trouble?
I’m a poet. carrying
flowers of all things.
– And a gun. It’s a big gun.
– It’s a big town. Come on Yen… please.
Look, if you don’t wanna
take these, that’s fine.
But you take a message
to your guardian.
You tell L. G. Murphy
the Regulators are gonna clean house,
and I mean clean house.
That they can’t own us
like they own a little China girl
for the price of a shirt.
Okay? You tell him that.
Yen, I’m sorry.
– He’s a dick. Who’s next?
– You.
– Shit!
– What’s wrong?
No, I mean that fell on, son.
Horse shit.
They’ve come out from the
Sierra Bonita just this morning.
Horses been grazing wild.
Pretty dam’ good,
don’t sound it, Baker?
Not that good.
– Buenos das, shitheads.
– Up.
You don’t understand, Dick.
By killing Henry Hill you have started a war.
By killing Mr. Tunstall,
you have started the damn’ war, Baker!
It’s just the same. We’re talking
50, 60, men against your what?
Six or Seven?
We’re with the Ring, Dick.
We’re gonna bury you.
You can believe that.
Quiet, Bonney. We’re
taking you to jail, no killing.
Objection, your Honor!
These boys are going to the grave
in the name of John Tunstall.
I said quiet, Billy!
I don’t need that kind of talk!
Law don’t talk like that!
Yeah, the law don’t kill
innocent merchants either, do it?
Shut up, dirt face!
Take these sons of bitches
up to Capitn mountain
and blow their brain out.
What do you say, Steve?
Hey, Billy! Easy.
Dick, I don’t think we
should go by way of South Fork.
– Why is that?
– I think Murphy’ll be watching the trail
in an ambush. I think we should go
straight through to Lincoln.
– I saw that.
– What? What d’you see, what d’you see?
– He knows what I just saw.
– What you’re talking about?
Where is the ambush, McCloskey?
In Lincoln?
You’re trying to steer us away
from Capitn cause you know your men,
Murphy’s men, are waiting
to jump on us in Lincoln?
Billy, what you’re talking about?
McCloskey’s with us, he’s a Regulator!
Yeah, but he used to ride with Murphy.
That’s what I’m talkin’ about!
– That was a long time ago!
– He’s a spy!
He’s been with us, we made a pact!
– Right, McCloskey?
– Right.
Jesus, Billy!
Come on…
Come on.
– Shit, I’m sorry McCloskey.
– Hey, it’s alright.
We’re all upset about John.
Sorry I didn’t sniff you up
sooner, goddam traitor!
– Billy!
– Billy, what the hell!
Hold you fire!
– Hold!
– Shit!
– Hold you goddam fire!
– Get that son of a bitch!
Oh God!
– Court adjourned.
– Moron!
You’re a lawman,
you son of a bitch!
Richard, he was right.
McCloskey was acting strange.
With that rubbish we’ve just
killed three more Murphy’s men, right?
Oh, Christ Jesus! Brady’s
gonna hang us for sure now!
– What we’re doing now, Dick?
– Quiet!
Wanna close those fucking lips
for a goddam second and let me think!
We better skim out of here.
Okay, everybody.
Skim up the river! Now!
You! You better
stop believing newspapers!
You ain’t no Captain you
and sure as hell ain’t no Robin Hood.
Fairly said, Dick.
Put that idiot on a horse.
“Advices from Lincoln say the young lad
“of lightening rapidity,
iron nerve and marvelous skill
“apparently single-handedly,
“took down Morton and Baker
of the Murphy-Dolan faction
“including a miraculous
shot of fifty yards.”
There’s a picture here. It says
‘Billy the Kid’ but it ain’t Billy.
Let me see that.
Well, that’s me.
That’s bullshit. The papers
don’t get anything right!
“Advices from sources say
that ‘the Kid’, a left-hander,
“is tall, handsome
and unequalled in the elements
“that appeal to the holier emotions.”
Jesus Christ!
This country needs a hero!
“However, Murphy of Lincoln has hired
none other than John Kinney
“and his Dona Ana Bunch
to help hunt down Billy the Kid
“and the gang.”
– Great! John Kinney!
– Well, who’s Kinney?
It says here he’s an ex-soldier
who suffered an injury
– and is now a bounty hunter.
– But what’s that mean?
It means he can whip some ass.
– Hey Doc? Come here for a minute?
– Yeah.
What’s up?
Well, we can’t go North
because Murphy’s got men
coming out of Fort Sumner.
We can’t go South because
he’s got Brady coming in..
East is no good cause we have
John Kinney coming up now.
We can go west
through the Valley of Fires
but there’s the
Mescalero Reservation.
And they’re having a good year
with scalps, no thanks Richard.
I don’t know what the hell to do.
What the hell is he doing?
We’ve come to a place
where we are lost, no?
When an Indian is lost,
he must reach into the spirit world
to find the way. On the
Spirit Road, he’ll be shown a sign.
This is the way to the Spirit Road.
We’re lost right now.
But I’ll find us the way.
Oh Christ, Chavez! That’s all we need
is some more of your red-ass
Navajo mambojahambo.
We’re running out of time here, Chavez.
Is that any good?
– Chavez, what is that?
– Peyote.
Yeah, it’s just like a butterfly.
A butterfly flies,
to a flower…
stays with it.
Doesn’t know why, it just feels in.
Oh yeah!
She’s my flower,
and I’m her…
Did you guys see
the size of that… chicken?
I’m her butterfly.
We don’t know why.
We just feel in.
Oh God!
You guys! You guys!
This is great!
This is great!
Did you see the size of that
cock-a-doodle goddam doo?!
That’s real! That’s real…
I’m her butterfly! She’s mine!
Regulators! Saddle up!
Godless heathens.
Hey, Doc, did you see
the size of that chicken?
Morning sir.
Hey, Chavez,
how come they ain’t killin’ us?
Cuz we’re in the Spirit world, asshole!
They can’t see us!
Hey, did you know
we’re in the Spirit world?
Lord, forgive us for our low doings,
for our misguidance
by heathen religions.
Thank you for keeping us alive.
Please Lord, guide us
doing the right thing.
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name…
Please Dick, it’s getting cold!
I could have killed you, Dick.
I could have killed you.
But I don’t wanna kill you,
I wanna eat.
When we’ve finished
this meal, you little rodent,
we’re gonna go
out in the yard and see
who has the right to run
this group of Regulators.
Richard, would you be so kind
as to pass the potatoes please?
Far away hill man coming this way.
Just one?
– Oh no! It’s Buckshot Roberts.
– We got a warrant for him.
Do you think
he’s coming to surrender?
It don’t look that way.
He any good?
He’s killed more people
than smallpox.
Well? Introduce us.
I got a warrant for you, old man!
I ain’t got no business
with that warrant no more.
Dickhead, son of a bitch.
I’m on my own.
I’ve come here to get that
150 dollars sheriff Brady
is putting down for the Kid.
I bet that little shit
is only worth 110, but I’ll take it.
What a sweet disposition.
Let’s dance!
– Get out, you sons of bitches!
– He’s gone into the shitter!
Billy, go in there and cut
the son of a bitch into half.
I’m daring you, Billy.
Screw that!
Cover me.
Son of a bitch! Dick,
we’re coming to get you!
– He’s dead, Charley.
– We gotta go get him!
We gotta go get him!
You wanna go close
and find out, shithead skin?
What we’re gonna do?
Dick has got his ass blown up!
He’s our foreman!
Doc, what are we gonna do?
In a while it’s gonna be crowded with
Murphy’s men! Get the hell out of here!
Come on Charley! Come on!
Let’s rock out! Now!
– Where to, Doc?
– Going to Patricio if it looks safe.
I gotta ride to
Dick’s mother in Vermont,
and get some clean wraps for this.
Hey, whatever you do,
don’t go near Lincoln.
See ya.
– What you doing there, Billy?
– Well sir,
with the sight filed down
I got an eighth of a second drop
on our good sheriff Brady.
Billy, we can’t touch the sheriff.
Dick said so, you know that.
Besides, we can’t keep this up.
Yeah. Well, Dick
ain’t around anymore, is he, Charley?
And right now sheriff
Brady’s in desperate need
of being removed from office.
We’re not going after Brady,
nor Murphy men, no more.
I told you I would find the way,
and the way is west.
West, huh?
West is that way,
and the bastards we gotta kill
are that way.
The only bastards who are gonna
get killed are us, chivato. Let it go.
Let it go?
Murphy’s taking inventory
in Tunstall’s store right now
and you’re saying
that means nothing to you?
It means nothing to me?
Murphy and his politicians
have taken more blood from me
– than they ever will from you.
– Oh yeah?
– How do you figure?
– The Red Sands Creek Reservation.
– What’s he talking about?
– I don’t know.
207 people butchered in the snow
with their stomachs empty.
My mother’s people.
You see, Murphy and company
was under government contract
to supply us with beef
and two winters ago
he sent only rotten meat.
No corn, no flour,
only rancid beef
crawling with worms.
So I went out
with a band in the night
to the traders’ camp
to try and get food.
Oh yeah, they welcomed us in,
and then they opened fire on us.
I got away, only me.
But when I got back to the Red Sands,
I found out that the army
had already heard about
our big Indian uprising
and they paid us back.
My mother was cut by a saber
from her privates to her neck.
My sisters were just babies
and they had their heads
bashed in with boot heels
so the army could save bullets.
Everybody at my reservation
was butchered and it means nothing to me?
Oh yeah.
Yeah, I went to Lincoln
to take Murphy’s head.
And that’s when
John Tunstall found me
and he took me in,
and he taught me
a better way to bury Murphy.
Murphy buried him
the old Irish way, Chavez.
That’s right, Steve.
And he starved out
your family, Chavez.
And now he’s doing it to every
small farmer in the territory.
But if you wanna run go ahead.
Just go run on ahead.
You got no loyalty, Navajo.
Ain’t nothing more than
a piece of chicken shit in the rain.
We had our ceremony back
there on the ridge, chivato.
Now, I don’t know
what your vision told you.
But my vision told me
we’re headed for blood.
Blood like a river.
I’m the last of my clan,
the last of my people.
If I die, and I am not
afraid of dying, chivato,
the sacred hoop is broken.
No, I have to go west
and make my people live again.
Charley, you’ll come with me?
– You ain’t gonna say much, dirty Steve?
– Cause he ain’t got much to say, Charley.
Or Steve understands the meaning
of the word “pals”, don’t you Steve?
Cause if you got three or four good pals
well then you got yourself a tribe.
There ain’t nothing
stronger than that.
We’re your family now, Chavez.
You walk away from us,
you break our sacred hoop.
We gotta stick together, fellas.
It’s the only way I see it.
It’s me, Doc.
And that’s our bet!
I’ll miss it!
I know what you desire.
You’ve come to lay with me
and cut me into tiny pieces with a knife.
You’re a bandit who eats
children and old people.
I eat meat and potatoes.
Who told you that?
My benefactor.
Your benefactor?
That’s the man that eats people
Yen, if you want to stay here,
tell me now and I’ll go.
Do you wanna stay here?
In China, girls are not necessary.
When we have floods, fathers
let the girl babies wash by.
– My benefactor has made me necessary.
– He’s not made you necessary,
he’s made you a slave.
I’m sorry.
is something you can’t do without.
I can’t do without you.
I keep the flowers
that you offered me
in a little room… inside my head.
Inside my heart.
Often, you come in
and you ask me to dance.
I often say yes.
I want to ask
something else of you now.
I want you to go with me
to Roswell.
There’s a railroad
going to New York City.
Two days we can be
on the train. We can be
in another country.
In a city together.
“The Bird”,
by Josiah G. Scurlock. That’s Doc.
Once upon a midnight dreary
as I pondered weak and weary,
they came knocking at my
back porch.
He ain’t very original, is he?
He been gone off a long time.
I’ve been feeling he’s gonna be
making a run for it.
Who, Doc?
Nah, Doc likes me.
I can’t stand him.
He gets an idea in his head,
you can’t get rid of it.
If I stay with him much longer,
I’ll be a stiff in a photograph.
The only chance I have is
to get hell-bent for leather now!
– They would chase us.
– I’m used to that.
I’m unclean.
That is not for a young man.
Yen, I used to ride with the dirty underwear
gang out of Liberty, Missouri.
Then John Tunstall taught me that the past
is like an old yellow-back novel.
When you’re finished with it
you toss it out, you start a new one.
You’re necessary.
– Go with me.
– No.
– Come with me, Yen.
– Yen Sun?
Yen Sun?
Hey, Steve!
– What?
– Doc’s back!
I told you he’d come back!
Let’s saddle up!
Sheriff Brady,
we’re gonna have
a lot of fun now.
What the hell is he doing?
He ain’t all there, is he?
Is he?
Top of the morning to you, girls!
Reap the whirlwind, sheriff Brady.
Reap it.
– It’s for you, Alex.
– You weren’t supposed to touch Brady!
Sheriff Brady sent
the men who killed John.
It was a good move for us, Alex.
– Was it Billy?
– Yes it was!
Have you seen ‘The Independent’?
The Governor’s revoked
your deputation powers.
You’re now wanted
by the legitimate law
as well as those outside the law.
You’re not only being hunted
by John Kinney and Murphy’s men.
You’re being hunted by troops!
Fort Stanton, Billy.
The U.S. Army!
The government’s put
a 200 dollar bounty on your head.
You were supposed to serve
eleven warrants and expose the Ring.
Instead you went out and you
went on the warpath… on a rampage!
Now Richard’s dead! And
we’re living up here like fugitives!
What the hell do you think
you’re doing out there?
I don’t know.
Maybe I’m trying to get some attention.
Maybe I’m trying to get
President Hayes to look this way.
They’ll let Murphy and his bankers
get away with anything
and I can’t allow that!
The more bastards I dust,
the more news stories they write.
The more troops
they send out after us,
the more President Hayes
is gonna have to raise an eyebrow.
Come down and see for himself
what’s going on here.
Then he’ll find out who’s
really doing the killing.
Alex? What are you gonna do?
I’m gonna try to reach
the President myself… legally.
It won’t be easy to get past
the Governor, he’s got so many.
Yeah, I got plans for the Governor.
Alex, what if you can’t
get in touch with Hayes?
I go back to Lincoln
and re-open John’s store.
Try to deal with that.
That’s what John would want.
We’ll escort you.
You’d be a death sentence
to anybody right now, Billy.
I don’t want your help.
Alex, you didn’t see
what they did to John.
We did!
Christ, Billy.
Thank you, Billy.
Billy, please
go to old Mexico. Please.
Gentlemen, let’s ride.
– Alex…
– What the hell happened, Doc?
There’s a whirlwind out there.
When you’re in it, you can’t get out.
I’m sorry.
I was wondering if you
remember that China doll?
You know at the dance, fandango?
I was sort of thinking that,
cause you’re lawyer and all…
maybe that there was
a legal way to…
I don’t even have enough ground
to stand on anymore, Doc, I mean it.
Okay, yeah.
Take care of yourself, Alex, okay?
But what the hell’s
the matter with him?
I don’t know, he’s just belly-achin’
about something or another
that he read in the newspaper.
He got mighty spooked.
Dirty Steve told me, Billy…
told me what
they’re writing in the papers.
Steven told him about the party
sheriff Peppin’s planning for us.
– Party? Oh, you mean the hanging.
– Callate, chivato.
Goddamn it, Billy?
You’ve ever see a man hanged?
His face turns flat purple…
and his eyes come up on him.
Yeah, I seen Red Smitty hang.
Seen his head come clean off!
It was a hell of a sight!
I don’t think Charley
wants to hear about Red Smitty.
I think that what he’d like
to hear is that we’re not going to hang.
You mess your trousers they say.
Gals watching and everything.
If we get caught,
Charley, we’re gonna hang.
But there’s many a slip
twixt the cup and the lip.
We gotta do something
before they catch us.
You all gotta let me do something.
Okay, Charley.
Damn Charley,
this is your last wish?
Did your little carrot wet?
You could’ve done that back in Juarez!
Some kind of a special woman,
Dirt Face. You’ll understand that one day.
Alright gentlemen, square up
and shell out for Bowdre.
We’ll be in the den.
Just yell if you need any help.
You know
what to do, don’t ya?
– What’s your name?
– Charley.
Well, Charley.
I don’t remember you
but I guess you remember me.
I meet so many young men
after the first.
You know how it is.
Why don’t you
come over here, Charley?
Hm, ma’am…
I just wanna hold you.
Whatever your pleasure, Charley.
But it all cost the same.
Darling when a man rides
200 miles to do a job
you just bet your Spanish land grant
he’s gonna get that job done.
Now if this Billy the Kid’s
around town like people say,
he is 200 dollars
flat dead on this bar.
You can’t kill
what you can’t catch.
You know, these “mestizos”
they say that Billy’s half horse
half devil.
But who knows. Maybe a strong
big Texas man like you could do it.
Are you really
gonna kill Billy the Kid?
As a horse piss
whereas he pleases.
Yet his men are not
to come around here.
Is that the gun you’re
gonna shoot him down with?
Can I touch it? Please.
You know, Sir, I do admire you,
and I sure would like to touch the gun
that’s gonna kill Billy the Kid.
– You know arms boy?
– Yessir.
Go ahead then. Have a look.
Pass it back.
– That’s the gun that killed Ed Rollins.
– Is that right?
Hey Mark, let’s have
a little round of
“Stone Fence” prep
for the little lady in the house.
Okay, pass it back son.
You stroke a gun like that,
you might as well
be stroking a man’s woman.
Pass it up.
Now you’re best behind
your way before you get hurt.
I’m leaving right now and
wanna know what he looks
for in case I run to him
I’ll come back and tell you.
He’s a good looking kid,
a way with women,
he dresses like a dandy
and he’s a left-hander.
And people say he’s fond
of whistling sad ballads.
Now you get out there in the street.
If you see somebody
that fits that Bill
– you just come whispering to me.
– Okay.
Bye bye.
Hey! I see him!
Right there, right there!
Don’t you see him?
That’s all now.
You know boy, I’m getting
a little tired of your wise lip.
Now you, you get yourself
some place else before I
have to drop your britches
in front of all these fine ladies
and spank you little bottom blue.
Yeah, sure you are a
chesty little cuss.
Hey Doc! How many
does that make, 25?
We’ll call it ten,
Ten even, how’ll that be?
Whatever you say.
It’s John Kinney!
Come on!
“His hat was covered with
gold and jewels.
“It sparkled and shone
in a dazzling and blinding manner
“when one looked upon it.”
I know, I know!
It breaks my heart too.
“The shoes worn by this young
left-handed prince of the planes
“were low-corded, with patterned
silver spurs on the heels.”
l ain’t left-handed.
Billy, I was thinking about our course,
and it looks like we’ve
just done a vague circle twice.
It also looks like we’re going
back into Lincoln, and I know
– we can’t be going back into Lincoln so…
– We are.
Ain’t a good idea, Billy.
What’s in your head, Billy?
What are you thinking?
Billy, we’re lucky to be alive!
I mean, going back to Lincoln! That’s crazy!
Lincoln’s where we’ll find
the rest of the men who killed John.
It’s a hundred against five!
It’s a hundred against five!
We take Murphy and the Ring falls.
We take him, we win this war.
– Then it’ll be over.
– You can’t even get to him, Billy.
It’s not just a hundred man, there’s
the bounty hunters too everywhere we go.
– But not west.
– Oh Christ! Here we go again…
No, I followed you, I chose your way
chivato, but I don’t trust it anymore.
California’s where we have to go.
Damn with the money, I believe
in that spirit worlds as Chavez. Let’s go.
Yeah California
sounds about right to me.
You’re all scared.
– And you gonna fail the test.
– What test?
You have to test yourself
every day, gentlemen.
Once you stop testing
yourself, you get slow.
And when that happens they kill ya.
You fellas don’t feel that?
Up on John Kinney’s riding up
on your ass and the balls are flying
and the blood goes
right to your head?
– It’s quite a sensation.
– Yeah, I bet it is.
And I’m sure in your mind
you hear trumpets sound
and angels sing a fargin’,
and I shit my goddam breeches! Okay?
We’ve taken enough
goddam Murphy’s scalps!
We cannot win this war,
not the five of us!
Do you understand?
Now… Billy,
you want to get
the President’s attention? Go ahead.
You wanna keep on
testing yourself? Alright.
Let me tell you something.
Tonight I’m riding at the border,
I’m gonna get myself a hot meal
and a good night of sleep.
Come morning I’m a Mexican.
Yeah, Billy,
yeah, me too.
– Mexico, huh?
– Yeah.
– Yeah.
– I see.
You’re all testing yourselves
and you don’t even know it.
Trying to make it all
to Mexico, that’s a hoot!
What d’ya mean?
They’ll be covering every possible
which way in from Texas to Arizona.
John Kinney knows everyone
down along the border.
There’s a full day’s ride through
them thorns we all love so much
which also make a good hiding place
for scalp hunters and renegade Indians.
The chances to make it all to Mexico?
that’s the test of all tests,
if you ask me.
I’m in.
I’m really not liking him.
Dear Governor Axtell…
– Axtel.
– Right.
I’ve heard that you will give…
– What is it?
– 200.
…200 dollars for my head.
Perhaps we should meet and talk.
I am at the Juarez
village at the border.
Send 3 men,
and instruct them not to shoot,
as I am unarmed.
In short, Sir:
I surrender.
Your obedient servant,
William H. Bonney.
Damn good riding with you, Chavez.
Many nights, my friend…
Many nights I’ve put a blade
to your throat while you were sleeping.
Glad I never killed you, Steve.
You’re all right.
I changed my mind.
Kiss my ass.
Charley’s getting married!
If anybody asks you
where you got that hat
tell them Billy the Kid
gave it to you.
Come on, get out of here.
Pat Garrett.
– That’s right.
– What are you doing in here?
No one’s supposed
to come in here.
Going back to Louisiana
for family business.
Wanted to see the boy
who’d become such a sensation.
– How’d you find me here?
– I’m a tracker.
Gonna be held as sheriff,
if they elect me.
– What are you saying, Pat?
– The officials have asked me to run.
Well, then I’m asking you to run too.
That way!
Or I’ll take your
shittin’ scalp like I did Brady’s.
Billy… I ain’t the law yet.
And I ain’t here
to get your ass hairs up.
I’ve come to tell you some bad news
about a friend we share.
McSween, Tunstall’s lawyer.
– What about Alex?
– He’s gonna die. Tomorrow.
He and his wife at his house.
Murphy knows he’s coming
back to Lincoln tomorrow.
They’re gonna wait till he’s home
and go pay a visit.
– What time are they expecting him?
– Supper time.
I figure you were the only fellow
with the pluck to get up some
McSween partisans and go
give the man and his wife
a rightful escort across the border.
Ain’t been to Louisiana for a spell.
I’ll see you, Billy.
Hey, Garrett!
Are you my friend?
Yes I am, Bill.
Let’s mount up.
Hey, Charley.
Maybe you should stay.
You can’t shoot
worth a piss anyhow!
Besides, your girl’s crying.
She’s really giving me a headache.
Charley, you got a wife now.
You should stay.
Ain’t easy having pals.
– Alex!
– Alex!
What in the name of…
Alex, let’s go. The word’s out.
– They’re gonna come kill you.
– Damn it, Billy.
I told you not to come here.
I’m not leaving my house.
Alex, if you stay
they’re gonna kill you.
And then I’m gonna
have to go around
and kill all the guys
that killed you.
– Now, that’s lot of killing.
– You heard me, Billy.
– Alex, maybe…
– You heard me!
We can’t just stay here and hope
that the good Lord
saves us from an all out…
I’m sick.
– I can’t go to old Mexico.
– Come on!
Put it at the middle
of the street! Come on!
Don’t fret, Alex.
The trip’s postponed.
– They’re coming around the front.
– Shit!
Bring those caravan chariots, quickly!
Get the house covered!
It’s Peppin.
Hey Chavez?
– How is it from the East side?
– Murphy men.
Charley, how is it all about you?
Can we break?
Hey Charley!
How is it?
He… he is John Kinney!
I think the word you got was just a trap
to get us all together in the same place.
My God! Look at them all!
It’s gonna be a massacre.
– He’s John Kinney!
– Well, maybe they just want us.
They think that they can end the war
right here at one fell swoop.
And that’s what
they’re just about to do.
– He’s John Kinney.
– Thank you very much, Charley!
– Come on, move it!
– Right!
Oh God!
Hanging for sure now!
We got you Billy the Kid!
Take a look at the
fire power down here!
You all come on out!
Real slow!
You up there, Bonney?
Let’s have some fun, Doc.
Yeah I’m here, you bastard!!
Billy, what the hell
are we gonna do now?
We’re gonna show these guys
they’ve finally met their match.
– Hey Peppin!
– I’m hearing you Bonney!
I see you got Charley Crawford
down there with you.
Yeah, we got a whole lot…
– Oh my God!
– Damn!
Hey, Peppin?
Charley Crawford
ain’t with you anymore!
– You alright, Doc?
– Yeah.
When are these boys
gonna give up?
You okay ma’am?
– You okay? You okay?
– Yeah.
– Charley!
– Yeah?
Take two rifles, go on upstairs!
You goin’ with him and load heavy!
Steve! Go on up
and cover the north side!
This may be your last chance
to handle John’s case.
Active participation in a gun battle
would negate
my life insurance policy.
I can’t do that!
We know you can shoot Bonney,
– but we can too! Give it up!
– Chavez!
They’re sending the troops.
Billy, we’re good,
but this is getting ridiculous.
I like these odds.
Mr. Murphy, judge Bristol.
We got all the rats in one hole.
Why has it been taking so long?
We didn’t want the army here.
– We don’t need that kind of attention.
– They got thirty boys up there, maybe forty.
– Son of a bitch.
– Wait a bit of excitement.
Hello judge.
– Why are you here, Nathan?
– I was dispatched here
to make sure it doesn’t get out
of the hands of the civil authorities.
If you have any hope for
a political future in the County seat
you will respond our suggestions.
– And what do you suggest sir?
– Whole military attack. Destroy them!
– China? Soldiers, stop her!
– Yen!
Stop her! China!
– China!
– Yen!
Hey you colonel
can allow your troops to get fired on?
Cover me!
Gotta get a move
into that house and catch it!
– But that’s a girl!
– Burn it!
Excuse me?
Burn it!
– Mr. Murphy!
– Never mind, colonel.
just tell your troops
not to mind my men
when they’re going
on the back and do it.
Burn it!
Put your men on the right!
Let’s go.
– Cease fire!
– Hey, Billy…
Please, I’ve got to go,
I’ve got to go.
I’ve got to get my wife.
I’ve got a wife.
She’s this little
Mexican gal. Please…
Charley, if you don’t stand up
and start whooping some ass,
you ain’t ever
gonna see her again.
Come on, Charley!
– Come on out!
– Come on, get out!
That’s it. Come on, let’s go then!
They lit it boys!
They lit the house.
Mr. Bonney. Mr. McSween.
This is colonel Nathan Dudley
out of Fort Stanton.
Come on out,
with your hands high.
With your hands high?
I better reason with him.
Hey, Colonel shithead,
you can kiss my ass!
Goddamit Billy!
You get President Hayes
down here,
then we’ll come out.
We’ll see how they like that one.
I kill you bastard!
I’m gonna shoot your ass!
I’m gonna shoot your ass
from here to Patricio if I have to,
– You shithead!
– Yeah, Charley!
Yeah Charley!
Yeah Charley!
Yeah Charley!
Yeah Charley! Yeah!
– Yeah!
– Yeah!
Yeah Charley.
Alex, get Susan out of here!
– Come on, get up.
– Stop!
I want my things!
Susan, come on, get out!
There’s a woman coming out!
Let my wife come out!
Alright! There’s a lady coming out!
Hold your fire!
Go, go, go, go!
Yen, go.
– Go!
– No, I’m staying with you.
That’s it. I’m staying.
Hey Colonel,
can I do anything for you, sir?
Back in the tent perhaps.
Ma’am I have no time
for your complaints.
Go to the other side of the street
so I can do my job.
You animal!
– Animal!
– Take her away! Get out of here!
Where’s Chavez?
– Where the hell is Chavez?
– I don’t know!
– What?
– He’s gone!
– He must have skinned out!
– I knew it!
That dirty Mexican son of a bitch!
I knew I didn’t have
to trust him! I knew it! I knew it!
We’re gonna die here,
and he’s out there
doing it with his horse!
I knew it! I just knew it!
– Yeah!
– Regulators!
Hey Kinney, you bastard!
It’s your ride!
He’s away! Stop him!
Get that son of a bitch!
– Ride boy!
– Get that son of a bitch!
Reap it Murphy,
you son of a bitch!
Now it’s over.
“Advices from Lincoln
report that Jose Chavez Y Chavez..
“moved to California
where he changed his name..
“and took work on a fruit ranch.
“Josiah ‘Doc’ Scurlock is reported
to have left the West for the East,
“taking with him
a celestial bride,
” her mother and fourteen
brothers and sisters.
“Susan McSween went on to see
“both her husband’s and John
Tunstall’s dreams to fruition,
“by becoming one of most prominent
cattle women of all time.
“Governor Axtel was forced to resign
by President Rutherford B. Hayes
“and both the Murphy-Dolan faction
and the Santa Fe Ring collapsed.
“William H. Bonney,
also known as Billy the Kid,
“continued to ride,
never leaving New Mexico.
“He was caught in Fort Sumner
by sheriff Pat Garret and killed.
“Sources report that he was
unarmed and shot in the dark.
“He was buried with
Charley Bowdre at Old Fort Sumner.
“Advices report that some time
later an unidentified person
“snuck into the graveyard
“and chiseled an inscription.
“The epitaph read
only one word:

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